We have put together some information that will hopefully assist you in learning how things are done here at Atlantis.  Located at the Aquatic Centre, is an orange coloured board on the wall beside the main pool, here you will find information about various aspects of the club. Have a look regularly as new information will be added.


Club Racing

Atlantis has ‘Club Racing’ on Friday evenings commencing at 6.15pm weekly during the summer season and fortnightly during the winter season.  A race program will be placed on the board prior to the start of each season, as well as on this website, outlining the club night dates. Some nights are referred to as ‘Official ‘Nights’, on these nights the club will have officials present that will check times recorded and strokes. Times recorded on these nights can be used as qualification times for Metro, State or National Championship events or other carnivals that require a qualification time to enter.  Times recorded on other club nights (non official) cannot be used for qualification to Championship Events.

It is a good idea to start a log of your child's swimming times, dates and places as you will need them in future if you wish to race outside of the club and it is good to watch their progress.  For the very young swimmers they must be able to swim the 25m of a stroke by a certain time before they will be allowed to swim longer distances.  Those times will be on the board as well as on this website.

Racing costs $6 per family per night with an additional $1 per child per night to race at club night.  So if you have 2 kids racing your cost will be $7 per night, 3 kids $8 etc etc.  This money, and the money obtained from the sausage sizzle on club nights, goes toward the prizes at end of season presentations.

Entries to swim at club night are now done online from the club's homepage.  Click on the 'Detail' button next to the club night you wish to enter and then click on the 'Enter' button on the pop up panel.  From there you enter your login details and select up to 2 swims for that night.  Entries close at 7pm on the Thursday night before club night.  Late entries will not be accepted so please do not ask.  If you are unsure of your login details please contact the club registrar.  On club night please make your payment to the race desk no later than 6pm on race night so we know who is swimming and we can get the nights program finalised.    


Summer/Winter Club Championships

At the end of each summer and winter season Atlantis Swimming Club will hold a club championship event where swimmers will race other children their own age in all swimming strokes and male and female age champions will be decided for each age group. (Keep an eye on the program as there are a few swims which also go towards the club championship - these are marked in bold)  To qualify for these championship events swimmers must compete in at least half of the club nights held for that particular season.  If they do not they are not eligible to swim at the championships.  Only first claim Atlantis members are elligible to swim at the Club Championsips.


Summer/Winter Points Score

Also during each season a point score is recorded each night for each swimmer.  These points are awarded for attempting swims, pb’s etc.  A full listing of the points structure is shown on the bottom of each season program on the orange board. At the end of each season there will be awards given to the male and female, junior and senior highest points scorers.

At the end of each season there will be a presentation event held where all awards will be presented to the children.  (No one misses out)


Club Clothing

Atlantis club colors are orange, navy blue and white.  Club clothing, swim caps etc are available to purchase. Please contact our uniform co-ordinator Annette on 0422 005 487 or email her on uniforms.atlantisswimclub@gmail.com.


External Race Entries/ Championship Carnivals


There are racing carnivals held throughout the calendar year all over the state with the cooler months being held in indoor 25 meter pools, referred to as ‘short course’ or SC carnivals.  In the warmer months the carnivals are held in the 50 meter pools and referred to as ‘long course’ or LC carnivals.  So each year there are two swim seasons SC and LC.  

Toward the end of each SC or LC season Swimming Metro South West will hold a championship event at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, SOPAC for short, at Homebush Bay.  Atlantis is part of Metro SW and this meet will be a target meet for those swimmers that qualify to test themselves against other swimmers from other clubs their age in Metro SW.

Not long after, Swimming NSW hold a Metropolitan Age Championship carnival, and a State Age Championship Carnival also held at SOPAC.  From there, if the swimmers are good enough, then they can compete at a national level at the National Age Championships.  These four carnivals are the pinnacle for the younger age category swimmers and for those who qualify and compete at Metro, State or National Championship the club will present them with personalised embroidered uniform items.

Each of these championship carnivals have qualification swim times, getting progressively faster, that swimmers must achieve to be able to enter these events.  These qualification times have to be ‘official times’ so they must show on the Swimming Australia website in results, under your childs name, to be useable.  You can use a SC time to qualify for a LC championships but your time will be converted to the qualification time for that event as it was not swam in a LC pool.  Your child will swim faster times in a 25 meter pool than a 50 meter pool as they get to push off the wall at half way.

Should you wish to enter your children into any of these carnivals there are two ways you can do it depending on the carnival entry conditions.  The first, easiest and preferable way, is to do an online entry that will take all the details you need to enter including payment.  If the online option is not available for that carnival then your entry will have to go through the Atlantis External Race Secretary for submission via the card, E-Entry system.  To do an entry this way do the following;

  1. Obtain a SNSW multi entry card/s from the staff at the counter.  (pink for girls, blue for boys)

  2. Fill out the card completely and accurately. (or it will be returned)

  3. Place the card/s and full payment in the provided envelope and fill out the front of the envelope.

  4. Place the envelope in the orange plastic letterbox just inside the main doorway of the swim centre.  (On the bench below this letterbox there is a plastic container that contains the envelope you will also need.)

Things to note with a card/ E-Entry are;

  1. If the carnival program had been placed on the orange club board for your information there will be a entry closing date hand written on it in red for submission to the race secretary.  Have your entry into the letterbox no later than 7pm that date.  Earlier is preferable.  

  2. If it is not a carnival that has been placed on the orange board, but a carnival you have found yourself, there will be a closing date on the program stating when entries close.  Online entries will be accepted up to that date but if you have to do it by the card/E-Entry method have your entry submitted at least 7 days prior to that date to give the race secretary time to get it submitted and confirmed.  Sometimes problems arise and the 7 days may be needed to sort out issues.  

  3. Coming up to the championship end of the season/s swimmers will be trying to obtain qualification times to represent their clubs at the championship meets.  This will be a popular time for carnivals and some carnivals will limit entries to a certain number.  So get your entries in early to confirm your swims.  Carnivals at SOPAC fill quickly.

Keep your eye on the orange club board and the following websites for all the upcoming carnival information.  Carnivals can be added, changed or removed from the calendars, so check back frequently.


Swimming Metro South West 


Swimming New South Wales  

Have a good look around at both websites and make yourself familiar with both as there is a lot of useful information in them.  If you have any questions get in touch with any committee member or the parents of another swimmer who have been around a while.  Dont be afraid to ask.



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