To join the Atlantis Swimming Club you must join Swimming New South Wales Ltd.  To do so go back to the club website home page and click on the orange 'Join Now' button and follow the prompts.  By joining Atlantis Swim Club Inc you agree to abide by the following conditions as per the Atlantis Swim Club Inc Constitution.


 Types of membership

    • Swimmer  (Can compete and has voting rights)
    • Non Swimmer  (Cannot compete but has voting rights)



 Current 2017/2018 membership fees of Atlantis Swim Club are: 

First Claim Swimmers:

Under 7 years old (Dolphins) - free $0

8 years and over - $112 per child per year (Membership is from 1 Oct to 30 Sept)

First Claim Swimmers: (half year) $88 per child (Membership is from 1 March to 30 Sept only)
Non Swimmers:

$26 / person per year (if your child is 16 years old or under, this fee must be paid in addition to the membership of the child by at least one supervising parent or guardian of that child to enable the child to be fully registered and able to swim and participate in the club) this fee is a requirement of Swimming NSW.

Swimmers transferring from another club: $20 /  swimmer
Second Claim Members: $20 per year (Members of another club that also wish to swim at Atlantis)

Each new swimming member of the club is given an Atlantis swim cap when they initially join.


For further information please email the club registrar, Joanne Allen or on mobile 0413 008 548.



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